The Journey of Self​-​Discovery


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This EP was definitely not written, recorded, and created entirely on the Garageband App for the Iphone 7. Okay fine, you got me. It was. Wanna fight about it?


released February 18, 2017




all rights reserved


MCMC New York

A one man band who loves playing music of a variety of genres. I'm just trying to have fun and live the dream.

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Track Name: II: Rising Action (Learning to Love Oneself)
MCMC, you know who it be. I've got a story to tell, it might land me in hell, but at least maybe my books will finally sell. Ha ha

I got your girl moaning,
Her ex boyfriends groaning
Blowing stop signs like they Coke,
I wonder if she’ll choke
Meanwhile your girl is turnin on my road,
Getting reading for me to blow my load

Fetty wap oh god make it stop. Whiz Khalifah, basically a queen latifah. Lil Wayne, ear pain.
Your man crush Monday
Still goes to church on Sunday
But I'm all about that 6-6-6
I bang on the first date during Netflix. Yes I'm the greatest. This just in, MCMC is the latest

I go to the gym so I can beat you up on a whim. You are wimpy because your dick is flimsy , ya got ED, I'll leave you a CD so you can listen to MCMC and feel better about your limp peepee

I'm a good kisser, my cat is a good hisser, Giambi was a good hitter my ex is still a bit bitter, oh shit I need to change the Kittie litter.

I hit this girl up hoping for some head, met up with her sister instead. Just Tryna have some fun. Just Tryna see them buns. Just Tryna help her skin get some sun ooo baby, you've got my blood on the run.

Oh man was that too dirty? Will I still be like this at thirty? Am I plagued with a deviant mind? Or am I really the one true savior of man kind?

Jesus can't touch this, I'm on santa's naughty list, the ladies cannot resist, I'm definitely straight I insist!

Oooo baby, hit it!

So do you believe that I like girls yet? I'm starting to fret. Did I mention my hoes? Their problems are my woes.
I'm so afraid- that you guys think I don't get laid.
Do you like this beat? Isn't it sweet? Do you need to take a seat? I know I'm getting kind of elite, but I promise this song is my treat. So yeah, that's me.

Everyone I know is sick, dead or dying. Everyone else is either lying or already gave up trying, but not me. I'm just Tryna have some fun. Yeah, just Tryna have some fun, I'll see y’all soon