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Everyone I know has released music when they where 16 they were embarassed by. I never got that chance.. until now. EP set to come out this year with better quality and altered & improved tracks. Stay tuned. And thank you to anyone who took the time to listen or even download this. It seriously means the world even if you couldn't listen through an entire song. I had a lot of fun recording this and playing it. In the end, that's all that really matters.


released May 22, 2015

Mike Clark-Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Piano, Recording and anything else.
All songs were written and performed by Mike Clark and recorded on an Iphone 5.



all rights reserved


MCMC New York

A one man band who loves playing music of a variety of genres. I'm just trying to have fun and live the dream.

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Track Name: Slam Poetry (Demo)
I'm a star, no need for a bar.
House parties, females lickin my smarties.
When I walk in with the crew, homies know they fucked too.

When i'm drunk I slur my words,
I sling my dick at herds,
I snipe bitches like birds,
Then I pass them on like turds.
I'm at parties owning the table,
my exploits are not a fable,

if you wanna rip the bong and play beer pong,
Say that I can't win high, well you're wrong.
Playing beer bong on mushrooms,
you need room for my boom,
i'll make you shit yo fruit of the loom
this table is your tomb.

Flinging ping pong balls,
bouncing off the walls,
precision aiming cuz i'm tall.
My swag need a lid,
cause i'll win on acid.
Trippin, drippin, dippin, Jedi flippin
I'm fighting dragons,
I'm pulling wagons
I'm back in the 5th century,
it's purely elementary,
then wham bam death metal slam WHAM BAM DEATH METAL SLAM

I'm back in the game,
I've already achieved beer pong fame,
I got skills and you've got blame,
get a new partner, i'll beat yo asses the same.
Crying with your tail between your legs in shame.
Did those cups call me fat? Or am I going insane?
Don't know if this is baby powder or cocaine.

Note to self:Every time I find myself doing heroin,
I wake up in a bed surrounded by strange men.

Next up, PCP got me feelin free,
just kidding, can't feel shit.
I just bit a fuckin' tree.
Maybe this isn't the drug for me.
Bath salts, liquor malts, eating people isn't our fault!

Poppin' pills, crazy thrills.
Skippin' showers,knockin down towers.
It burns when I pee, my urine is red,
can't you see why I can't get out of bed?
All I do I do to get laid.
People that say beer pong is only game,have clearly never heard my name.
Track Name: M.A.R.S. (Demo)
Sometimes I like to backtrack,
Thinking of how you stabbed me in the back.

You know the right buttons to push,
yet somehow your brains are fucking mush.
Sometimes I think you should pay for your crimes,
to take away all of our ex good times.
I'll put you in the fucking electric chair,
and I'd get rid of that shithead stare..
I'll flip the switch,
guess what!? Your Dead bitch!

Kiss my fist,
Slit your wrist,
doesn't matter to me,
as long as there is a splatter to see.

And when I back track, I know you deserve one hell of a smack,
Your life has always been getting further off track.

It's too late to repent,
I know exactly what you meant,
your message has been sent.

Even still with repentence,
you cant take back a single sentence you've said.
I'm going to put you into your very own death bed.